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May 20, 2011
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Demetri Roux by AM-Radio-Funk Demetri Roux by AM-Radio-Funk
ART BY :iconrainbowlazr:

Name: Demetri Roux
Age: 27
Gender: male

House: Ravenclaw
Subject: Transfiguration

Blood Status: half-blood

Physical Description: kinda skinny and lanky but not weak really, he's always in baggy robes or sweaters so no one has ever seen him naked, even during his school years he showered first or last at all times.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 193 lbs
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: white/pale
Scars a few burns on his arms from an old potion mishap that was never able to be fully healed and one over his right eye from a stray cutting curse/spell
Birthmarks: no birthmarks but he does have a tattooed sheletal structure all over his body.
ex. [link]

Personality: He can be snarky and sarcastic at times but normally he just a polite quiet bookworm, in class he does not allow house rivalry and is known to place the seating as interchanging between house (ex. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Slytherin and so on) which also means he'll never give or take points just because he likes or dislikes a certain house. (while he keeps fair with points and other things he does have anatural dislike for hufflepuffs and gryffindors. He keeps it hidden but can be found muttering cusses in french under his breath about said gryffindor students) While being quiet normally that does not mean he doesn't smile or get into conversations. He interested in all forms of magic, dark neutral and light magic. He's also a supporter of magical creatures of all kinds and is often seen going into the woods to learn all he can at a close up distance, though he does come back with a few wounds, but nothing life threatning...normally. This is not to assume all the animals hate or right away accept him, as long as he doesn't bother things and stays out of trouble he is ignored and only observes.
He's also a slight supporter of pure-blood supremacy. While he's a half-blood himself he finds it still better than being a muggle born.

Birthday: Oct. 13

Talents: small amounts of wandless magic, he rests right after depending on the spell. He is pretty much a contortionist. and some say that he can actually speak to his pet raccoon Raoul, who knows.

- animals
- books
- blood pops and ice mice and sugar quills
- the muggle circus
- his tattoos

- students that insult him or his love of books
- interupted when reading in his personal rooms
- when Raoul runs off
- women, or female students flirting with him
- people staring at his tattoos stupidly
- stuck up purebloods

- Raoul getting hurt
- house elfs freak him out, he will squeak if one pops up near him
- getting fired
- losing his mother

History: Nothing much about him or his family, it used to be a nice neutral pureblood line until more often then not they began to marry into half-bloods or muggleborns. Eventually now it's just half-bloods left not that he cares or minds, he did learn that he was able to inhearit atleast one vault of objects from an old acendant but never took the time to visit with all his work or visiting his mother or getting caught up in a book. He doesn't much care either, he prefers to just have things stay normal, though a little craziness never bothered him if he didn't die from it. He grew up an only child and alittle spoiled with books or a few toys, he never asked for much besides more books here and there and often locked himself into his room to read for days. When he got his acceptance letter from Hogwarts he was estatic, they had an amazing library.
During his years at hogwarts he got along with plenty of the students, even one or two from Slytherin. He was often annoyed with all the house rivalry and that stayed the same even as he became a teacher. In his 7nth year he took a trip to the muggle world and ended up getting his tattoo's over the process of his weekends free from school and with his mothers permission.

Personal: He only has his mother and grandparents left since he was an only child and makes a point to visit her for atleast a week each break from work he gets. During his school years he was never 'popular' but did a know a few people. He's open to making new friends and is often out sometimes when he has free time to get a drink or is seen at Hogsmeade during a weekened visit.

Hogwarts: he's been teaching for 5 years and is known as 'that teacher' he's not very liked at times by Slytherins or Gryffindors due to how he seat the class, but not hated. He tends to keep a level head. He was a huge bookworm in school and got an award for reading the most books in the library in one year of school time.

Family: His family is from france but he decided to stay at Hogwarts to teach transfiguration. He always did find it amazing how you could almost make something from nothing or making soething just dissapear. His father died when he was 16 leaving him the only remaining male to claim the inheritance.

Other: His patronus is a raccoon which is why he decided to get one for a pet.
When he yells he'll slip into french.

Wand: Black Vinewood with a few leaf like adornments around the hilt (pfft or whatever you call it) with a core of pixie blood

Pet: a small black raccoon that often gets loose, named Raoul

Medical Problems
Demetri suffers from Hypersomnia and Frotteurism

- recurrent episodes of excessive daytime sleepiness or prolonged nighttime sleep
- compelled to nap repeatedly during the day, often at inappropriate times such as at work, during a meal, or in conversation
- Suffer from anxiety, Increased irritation, decreased energy, restlessness, slow thinking, slow speech, loss of appetite, hallucinations, memory difficulty

Over a period of 6 months
-recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving touching and rubbing against a nonconsenting person

both of which he takes pills for
except when he forgets to
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silent-jugement Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
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silent-jugement Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
WLK360 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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He's epic so far, I like how his friendship with Ron is going.
As for Casey, they hardly talked so :shrug: maybe they'll become good friends, I dunno.
AM-Radio-Funk Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
lol thanks
and yeah i'm glad he can make friends and not be a huge recluse, though i know if the time came he'd cut ties and be a dark wizard.
lol i can hope they become friends
WLK360 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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lol thanks and ahh. i'll check that cut off thing
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